Shri Gurupadpadma

    His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad Paramhansh Shri Shrimad Bhakti Bijoy Shridhar Goswami Maharaj, the most dearly beloved disciple of His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad Ashtottrashat Shri Shrimad Bhakti Mayukha Bhagbat Goswami Maharaj(Prabhu Ji), is one of the foremost bearers and carriers of the Sankirtan Movement initiated by Shri Mahaprabhu. Just before getting news of his appearance, the most adorable Prabhu Ji, in front of a few disciples in Chinpai Shri Bhagbat-Ashram, declared--- "Today, just a few moment ago, your next President Acharya has appeared. He is, unlike others, a no-simple, God-sent person from Boikuntho. Only to make people aware of Supreme Godhead and to make them connected with Him, he has appeared in this mundane world."

     On 23rd of December, in the year 1956, in the auspicious lunar day of Krishna-Sashti, His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad Paramhansh Shri Shrimad Bhakti Bijoy Shridhar Goswami Maharaj appeared in this Earth. Unlike others, He was very unworldly from the very beginning. When he was in his mother`s womb, one day, his eldest brother had a dream. In the dream the whole family was travelling through the sky but all on a sudden, the great sage Narada came to them and said--- "You cannot go now because a great saint is coming in your mother's womb." When he appeared, everyone could see that he appeared with a Upabit.

    While testing propensity, he lifted Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita in his hand despite the presence of rice, money etc. even gold in his front.

    When he was just of eleven months, on very earnest request of his father Ajit Roychowdhury, Shrila Prabhu ji arrived at their house. One day, when the child was approaching towards his mother to have breast milk, as soon as Prabhu Ji started chanting the Mahamantra with his usual sweet voice, the child, forgetting milk, started clapping in a perfect rhythm. "This child is a great virtuous man. In future he will dedicate himself into the sublime service of God." said Prabhu Ji.

    This strange boy did not use to take rice in Ekadashi. His version was--- "Should anyone take rice in Ekadashi!". One day, when Prabhu Ji was taking leave from Kalinagar, the child began to insist that he would go with Prabhu Ji. Prabhu Ji could not make him understand why it was not possible. Then he started crying holding the Tridanda (the tri stick). Prabhu Ji said---"One day he will be a real sannyasi with utmost affinity for Harinam."

    His teachers used to get perplexed seeing his intelligence. When he was only seven, he wished to have Upanayan. Prabhu Ji arranged everything immediately to give him Upanayan but at the time of Upanayan, he said--- "What will I do taking Upabit without Harinam?". Watching the eagerness of that boy Prabhu Ji gave him both Upanayan and Harinam in the same day. This way the strange boy taught the whole world---"There is no such devotion greater than taking Harinam."

    He did not like any kind of earthly attachment. Separation from Prabhu Ji used to give him utter pain and consequently he used to show anger to his father. Then at last Prabhu Ji brought him in Chinpai Shri Bhagbat-Ashram and initiated him Diksha when he was only seven.

    "The only way to serve Krishna is to serve Shi Gurupadpadma under his guidance and shelter."--- he taught us leaving domestic life  and dedicating himself unto the lotus feet of Prabhu Ji.

    Then he started his education life. After passing School Final from Chinpai Primary School he completed U.E. from Hetampur College. After that he did Honors in Sanskrit from Suri Vidyasagar College. In the year 1980, when he was twenty four, Prabhu Ji gave him Tridanda-Sannayas and he got the name Tridandi Swami Shrimad Bhakti Bijoy Shridhar Maharaj.

After disappearance of Prabhu Ji he gradually established Shri Gouranga Math in Vrindavan, Ukhra and Puri one by one. Mean while, on 1st January 2007, he took all spiritual service and responsibility of Hetampur Shri Gouranga Mandir established by king Ramnarayan Chakkrabarty. 

    With his heart always beating for his Gurupadpadma, he is always ready to serve Prabhu Ji...the embodiment of ultimate affection...the most dearly beloved of Prabhu Ji...Shri Shridhar Thakur...