The Most Adorable Prabhu Ji

    His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad Ashtottrashat Shri Shrimad Bhakti Mayukha Bhagbat Goswami Maharaj(Prabhu Ji), the founder Acharya of Shri Goudiya Samity, is one of the most dearly beloved disciples of His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad Ashtottrashat Shri Shrimad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Maharaj(Shrila Prabhupad). His Divine Grace Shrila Prabhu Ji appeared in the month of Magha in the Bengali year 1311 on the most auspicious lunar day of Shri Nityananda Tryodoshi. 

    From his very childhood, he was different. He didn`t like earthly attachment at all but loved chanting Harinam very much. He used to lose his consciousness while chanting Harinam. He used to lament with utter eagerness in solitary---for his closest friend, nearest relative---for his Gurupadpadma. One day he dreamt a person addressing another glorious, spunky and red ochre-clothed sannyasi and saying---"This great man is your Gurudev." Then Prabhu Ji woke up and started crying and thinking---"yes, I have got my Gurudev but where to find him?"

    Surprisingly on that very day, in the morning when Prabhu Ji was just done with his routine morning duties, he heard someone knocking on the door. Upon opening the door, he saw a visitor with an image of that great sannyasi in his dream. Forgetting the introduction of that visitor, Prabhu Ji eagerly asked the introduction of that great sannyasi in the image. And then, at last he came to know that the name of that sannyasi in his dream was His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad Paramhansh Shri Shrimad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur and he was well famous as Shrila Prabhupad.

    With utter alacrity Prabhu Ji reached the hermitage of Yoga Pitha in Mayapur and then that most holy moment--- Prabhu Ji got the calm and gentle first look of Shrila Prabhupad. He offered his prostration from distance and started trying to get himself noticed by Prabhupad but failed to do so. The next day was the most auspicious appearance day of  Shri Shriman Mahaprabhu. So, many people were to take Harinam and shelter of Prabhupad. 

    On the next day seeing shaven-head and throat with Tulsi chain of those who were to take Harinam, Prabhu Ji could not refrain himself. He followed the same way and then took a bath in order to take Harinam from Prabhupad.

    At that time, as his name was not in the list, he was standing in a little distance from Prabhupad. None considered him noticeable. But after first initiation (Diksha), Prabhupad hailed Prabhu Ji and asked him--- "Will you take Harinam?" With utter delight Prabhu Ji answered promptly--- "Yes". But one of his (Prabhupad) adherent said--- "We don`t even know him and also his name is not in the list." When he was about to say something more, Prabhupad made him stop and said--- "You do not need to know. Just write his name immediately." and gave Prabhu Ji Harinam.

    Within few days, Prabhu Ji took Pancharatrik Diksha and he got the name---Shri Shubhabilas Prabhu. Within very short time he became the most dearly beloved to Prabhupad who first appointed him as a teacher of Shri Bhokti Vinod Institute and later on the chief editor of 'Dainik Nadiya Prakash', the only daily spiritual paper at that time. Prabhupad knew--- " Only this man can fearlessly promulgate pure Harinam by his severe self discipline ." And then the revelation of Prabhu Ji`s dauntless articles---
    "Krishake kripa na korile krishna kripa paoa jai na" | ("If you do not grace Krishna(?), Krishna will not grace you")
    "Shri Gurudev rakta-mangser pinda matra nahen" | ("Shri Gurudev is not a chunk of blood and flesh")
    "eto boro katha amay sunalo ke?" ("Who does make me here this much great thing?")

Gradually all others felt that he is not a simple man rather an embodiment of conclution of Shastra.

    In the year 1937(Bengali 1343) Prabhupad entered the Nityalila. Having not seen Gurupadpadma, Prabhu Ji felt greatest ever grief but in his heart he was saying--- "I am not going to moan---today is your disappearance day, the day you go back to Krishna--- so, I am not going to weep."

    He was also very dearly beloved of Shrila Banshidas Babaji. Bibiktanandi Banshidas Babaji usually didn`t talk to anyone but sometimes wished for hearing 'Shrimad Bhagbat Katha' from Prabhu Ji.
    In the year 1948(Bengali 1355) at Shri Gour Saraswat Matha on the very auspicious day of Shri Vyasa Puja, Prabhuji took himself to asceticism in front of Prabhupad`s image, under the priesthood of adorable Shrila Shrouti Maharaj and got the name Shrimad Bhakti Mayukha Bhagbat Goswami Maharaj(as mentioned earlier by Shrila Prabhupad).

    In 1951(Bengali 1358) he established Shri Bhagbat-Ashram in Chinpai and thereafter gradually set up Shri Gouranga Math in Raipur and Purulia one by one. He revealed very naive, simple and lucid 'Shri Nayanananda Vasya'.

    In 1986(Bengali 1393) Prabhu Ji, the most dazzling embodiment of devotion towards Guru and Nama, entered Nityalila in the lunar day of Krishna-dwadashi.

     nama ong vishnupadaya bhaktimayukha bhagabata-namine |
     sarbbeshashaktirupaya krishnaya sevakarupine ||
     shriruparadhapreshthaya unnatojjwalarasasindhabe |
     gurunamanisthadatre hrudayadebatayai namah ||